New edited video of my felted bags.

Here is my new edited slide-show for my new clutches/bags. I added more shots so it looks better now.


Wet felted floral 3D clutches

I am glad to introduce my new wet felted clutches with 3D Floral design! I had a feeling of something happy, colourful and feminie in my head and here it goes – new craetions made with merino wool using wet felting technique. The clutches are multi-functional cause an adornment could be worn as a pin on your top or coat.

I also want to thank my friend and creative photographer Irina Krjacko for her beautiful work!

These are my two pink ones and I will post blues, greens and purple in my next post.

Peony Dream:

Pink Latte:

How to wear a wrap/shawl tutorial 1

Summer is at the door but it still feels fresh and to have a light layer of silk or other kind of wrap around your shoulders sounds like a good idea. Since a lot of my creations are nuno-felted wraps and shawls I am very often advising my customer on how to wear that. A number of videos that I am going to share with you gives you 10 ways how to wear a wrap/shawl/pashmina.

Style 1.

Wet Felted Floral Clutches/Purses 2012

Recently I was working on a floral design for wet felted bags and clutches and by ‘lucky’ accident I came up with a very nice new pattern. In fact I was working on Dahlia shape felted flower but when I realised what I can do with that pattern I started to make floral felted clutches and purses and here is a slideshow for some of them!

There are more on the way! I think I got this Summerrr mooood!!!