Nuno-felted Bag, Photo-Tutorial

Here is something I want to share with you – it is a tutorial on how to make nuno-felted bag in pictures. This photo-tutorial may suite more to those who already have some experience in 3D felting.

The link for this photo-tutorial is here (click on picture)


An author of the tutorial doesn’t give description but as I can see she makes the shape of the bag first, then lays out the pattern in silk, but I think you can also use other materials, like roving and other type of textile and experiment with that. Next step is ‘lamination’ with silk – cover your pre-felted bag with a layer of silk chiffon and using sanding machine continue felting process until you see that fibers of wool are coming through silk same as with your nuno-felted scarf. After this stage you can continue fulling of the bag to make it solid and finish the shape of the bag.



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